KLM 100: Boeing 787-10

On 7 October 2019, KLM became 100 years old. KLM is the oldest airlines that is still flying under her own name and it should be celebrated. Lately, I have been very busy with vector design and dedicated this side project to my first employer. 

Inspired by a Belgian designer called Musketon, I followed his tutorials on a learning platform. I started with the outlines of the plane. He did not trace every line perfectly, so I tried it without an underlying image too. The next step was to get the 100 year logo perfectly on the plane which was quite hard to achieve. Then, it was all about colouring it in and giving it textures. 

This illustration learned me a lot about the pen tool and many ways of texturing objects. I’m pretty content about the result of this experiment. Although, there is still a lot more to learn!