KLM Digital Studio: Demo Festival XL – Booklet

Every six weeks, a regular Demo Festival is held within the department to show and update our colleagues what we are up to. The setting consists of three stages/venues with rounds of twenty minutes where product teams can present their work.

Why not try bigger? Invite the whole company to such a Demo Festival, but then XL! So we did! This event needed a festival vibe, so we worked with a time schedule where people just could roam around to watch as many demos as they wanted.

Within two buildings, five stories were fully occupied with demos, inspirational speakers and 700+ visitors. Our visitors needed to find their way, therefore we created booklets and location posters to help them out.

The theme of this event was ‘Creating our future together’. We did a quick brainstorm and keywords we found were: growth, sustainability and dreams. Therefore we used plants for sustainability and growth, and clouds for dreams.