KLM: Good Housekeeping

To fix airplanes properly, mechanics have to work in a clean hangar. Sometimes oil gets spilled, emergency doors have to checked, barrels have to be emptied and so on. These activities need to be filed and that is quite a hassle. A lot of paperwork needs to be filled in and that takes a lot of time. Next to that, if a task has been picked up by someone, an other mechanic wasn’t able to see if it was already solved or not.

The Good Housekeeping app makes this process a lot easier. A mechanic can now easily open the app to see a list of all tasks that need to be picked up. That means automatically it’s also possible to assign the task to yourself. Plus, you can also see who is already performing a task. 

When a mechanic assigned a task to himself, he can see in the detail page which subtasks he needs to perform in order to solve the issue. It describes the location of the task, required equipment and an example of how the end result should look like.