KLM: MyRoster (Innovation Award 2019)

MyRoster is an innovative and digital way of giving the KLM ground personnel the ability to check their roster anywhere and anytime. With 5000+ users, this web app provides real-time when their day/night shifts are starting.

The KLM employees are also able to share their roster with each other. In this way, they can find a colleague faster to swap their shifts or just to carpool with. Fun fact, the person with the most shared rosters counts 97.

Next to sharing, requesting a leave is possible too. The user will get an easy form on his/her screen with a lot of pre-filled data. For example, the shift times are already filled in, plus the according manager is also known in this system.

In the past 1.5 years, a lot of usability tests with different target groups (departments within the company) have been conducted. It got more user friendly, step by step. And as a result, we’ve won the 2019 Innovation Awards of KLM!