KLM: Onboard Connectivity – Thesis

For my graduation assignment, I conducted research on how onboard connectivity can affect the experience of the flying passenger. Onboard connectivity simply means having access to WiFi while flying. For six months, I was located in the department where the KLM app is being developed. It sounded logical to me to find useful features that can be triggered within the app through the connectivity.

The outcome of my research was a customer journey. Starting with the app on your phone without internet, what to experience when you are connected to the onboard WiFi and after purchasing a WiFi voucher having full access to the internet. 

The full thesis can be found here. I printed it on a slightly bigger format than A5 so it becomes psychologically less to read per page. Well, at least I thought it was true. Actually, I found it more fancy in this way. This research resulted in a 9(!), which made me graduate cum laude.